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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders

Samsung is going all out in marketing its next flagship device – The Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Earlier, we reported that Epic games would kick off a 30-day exclusive Fortnite for Android on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. And pre-ordering the device would get players free V bucks, skins, emotes, and much more.
A new report from XDA developers now suggests that pre-ordering Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would get Fortnite players 15000 V-bucks, in other words, in-app purchases worth $150.

V-bucks (in-game currency) can be used to purchase items like Battle Pass, skins, dances, emotes, gliders, and pickaxes. As a side note, V-bucks is an in-app purchase, i.e., it cannot be earned by insanely playing the game day and night.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set to launch on August 9 in New York; it is speculated that the device would go on sale in late August, carrying the 30-day exclusive. Theoretically, Fortnite for Android should release out somewhere in September.

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