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Samsung announces new flip phone Video

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Transcript for Samsung announces new flip phone

Today’s tech like Samsung hyping its portable phone a top company executive saying the long rumored device will be used as a tablet. That can be folded into a phone the company sensible global fund could debut as soon as next month at Samsung’s developer conference. And apple seems ready to fight robo call. The company has filed a patent for technology allowing an iPhone to determine. If an incoming call is from a legit source if that’s not the case the phone would send the user warning. It’s unclear if or when the technology will be used in a future iPhone and finally a robot showing off some mad athletic skills. This is the atlas robot is the latest star from the robot masters at Boston dynamics at Liz seems ready for American ninja warrior he each step up on that staggered set of boxes was nearly sixteen inches high. Good going atlas not bad those are tech bytes.

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{“id”:58458762,”title”:”Samsung announces new flip phone”,”duration”:”0:52″,”description”:”Plus, Apple is making attempts to stop robocalls, and Atlas, the humanoid robot, shows off new tricks.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/samsung-announces-flip-phone-58458762″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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