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Get your own HAL-9000 replica with Bluetooth and voice command

The first model is a Bluetooth-enabled rectangular HAL-9000 with a red-glowing lens/eye, brushed aluminum faceplate and built-in magnets that can be mounted on any metallic surface. For $599, you’ll also receive a desk stand and power supply; “early bird” pledges of $419 will get you one from Indiegogo, as well. You can send any audio from your Bluetooth 4.0 computer, phone or tablet to this standalone HAL-9000.

The higher end model will eventually cost $1,199, but is available for $889 on Indigogo now. It will include a replica command console to mount the Bluetooth HAL into, and it will recognize your voice commands and respond with lines from the movie. Say, “Open the pod bay doors,” and HAL will definitely still not be able to do that. This model is limited to (of course) 2001 units, and includes the Bluetooth Speaker Edition, power supply, desk stand and a numbered and signed certificate. The console will also be able to get updates from the internet, bringing in new functions to the functional art piece.

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