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Can technology kill the traffic jam? Video

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Transcript for Can technology kill the traffic jam?

We all hate the dreaded traffic slowdown out of nowhere. Good technology in your car help solve that headache I’m David Curley let’s get you up to speed. Ford’s test track outside of Detroit. Proof that modern cruise control systems can mean let’s stop and go traffic jam. Ford put 36 vehicles on the track with adaptive cruise control. Which keeps distance between your vehicle and the one in front and look what happened. When there’s a slowdown the vehicles on top without cruise control start bunching up. But those below on crews keep the gap smoothing out the slowdown. Back to tested. On the cruise control we’re going sixty miles an hour. Because that’s what the cars are getting ahead of us you see the brake lights I’m not doing anything in the car is now slowing itself down. Trying keep that gap to see the speeds come down to forty miles an hours a real little traffic problem. But everybody keeps on moving were now accelerating the issues gone. It’s trying to make up that gap. Get us back to 6062. Miles an hour and unexpected benefit for Ford engineers including Michael Caine but you’re Beijing. Assistant for a car. The highways to cruise. But you may actually help solve traffic jams so nice sight of. Elizabeth a wonderful thing here right now is that something you know and we were designed it that we intended. There’s really fun to see that in if fact. Or decided to try this big test after seeing the research of a traffic engineering professor. Who thought the cruise system maintaining the vehicle gap by adjusting speed. Actually impact that anoint stop and go traffic. When you were running the cars then this test track. And you saw it work what did you think I mean this is amazing we had been experimenting with this in theory and see it in practice with real vehicles was really exciting for us. And researchers say that not all cars need to be on adaptive cruise control to get this benefit the cruise control keeping us moving. Under the curly and now you’re up to speed.

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{“id”:57105083,”title”:”Can technology kill the traffic jam?”,”duration”:”2:09″,”description”:”Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 system is a new approach to adaptive cruise control, featuring technologies like automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection and a blind spot information.”,”url”:”/Technology/video/technology-kill-traffic-jam-57105083″,”section”:”Technology”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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