Tech News

Google Bought Mastercard Data To Track Your Offline Purchases For Ad-Targeting

Google has reportedly struck a secret deal with Mastership to track offline shopping details of credit card users. Apparently, it paid millions of dollars to Mastercard to access nearly two billion cardholders’ data. According to Bloomberg, this deal was finally brokered between the two companies after four years of negotiation. Neither Google nor Mastercard has […]

Artificial Intelligence

Tech experts rank cloud, AI, and 5G among technologies that will be important in 50 years

Consumers and tech experts are both concerned about the role technology will play in the next 50 years and hopeful that advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and connection speeds will make life safer, according to Intel’s recently released Next 50 study. Intel partnered with research firm PSB, speaking to 1,000 consumers and 102 “tech elites” […]