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Netflix responds to criticism for running ads Video

  • Now Playing: Facebook admits to providing data to dozens of tech companies

  • Now Playing: Say goodbye to overripe avocados thanks to new natural tech from food startup

  • Now Playing: Netflix responds to criticism for running ads

  • Now Playing: Kroger testing driverless grocery delivery

  • Now Playing: Apple Car rumored to roll out by 2025

  • Now Playing: Asleep at the wheel: Exposing dangers of drowsy driving

  • Now Playing: Sprint prepares for next generation of smartphones

  • Now Playing: A serious warning about attacks on ATMs

  • Now Playing: What to know about money payment app misfires

  • Now Playing: Spotify is testing a skip-ad option for nonpaying users

  • Now Playing: Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note9

  • Now Playing: Pentagon requests $8 billion for Space Force

  • Now Playing: Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 9

  • Now Playing: Can technology kill the traffic jam?

  • Now Playing: Elon Musk looks to take Tesla private

  • Now Playing: Group issues new driver assist warning

  • Now Playing: Elon Musk’s SpaceX successfully re-launches rocket

  • Now Playing: EU may force Apple to use common power source

  • Now Playing: Facebook tests new dating feature

  • Now Playing: Apple’s worth reaches $1 trillion

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