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MoviePass enters 2019 with higher-priced plans and a new model

After an up and down 2018 that saw MoviePass explode with subscribers for its all-you-can-eat filmgoing package and then almost run out of money before finding a profit, it’s changing things up next year. As explained to Variety and the New York Times, starting in January MoviePass will move to a three-tiered subscription system:

  • Select
    • This plan ranges from $10 to $15 (varying depending on the area — cheaper in the Midwest vs. more expensive in NYC and LA) and roughly continues the existing $9.95 plan with three movies per month from a limited selection of movies and days to see them.

  • All Access
    • The step-up tier ranges from $15 to $20 and keeps the three movie limit, but subscribers can see any movie they want (at participating theaters), at any time, as long as it’s not in 3D.

  • Red Carpet
    • The most expensive plan ranges from $20 to $25 per month, and includes access to one IMAX, 3D or other large-format screening per month as part of the three movies.

With the new pricing, MoviePass said it can break even on the cost of tickets, as opposed to its previous business model where it actually lost money when a customer used the plan. Of course, that’s the balance that endeared it to customers for a time after it slashed prices last year. From its inception a few years ago the service had charged $50 and then $35 per month before setting things on fire last year. Now it’s tough to see if people will stick around for a package that’s not as favorable.

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