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‘Far Cry New Dawn’ turns Hope County into a nuclear wasteland next year

There are two potential endings in Far Cry 5, and New Dawn directly follows the most explosive option — the detonation of a nuclear device in the midst of a deadly, drug-addled cult in Hope County, Montana. New Dawn picks up 17 years after the blast, in a lawless landscape that’s apparently been coated in neon-colored nuclear residue and overrun with strange creatures.

The game’s main villains are The Twins, Mickey and Lou, who are indeed twin sisters. They lead a gang called The Highwaymen that’s intent on stripping Hope County of its resources and killing anyone who gets in the way. Players maintain a Homebase called Prosperity and prepare to battle the Highwaymen, crafting weapons, building vehicles and training other survivors to fight. A feature called Friend for Hire enables co-op play, allowing players to progress through the game with a buddy.

Far Cry New Dawn

New Dawn brings something new to the Far Cry series with Expeditions. At Prosperity, players can travel to locations across the US (“from wetlands to canyons and more,” according to Ubisoft), where they’ll have to secure a package of valuable materials and get out as quickly as possible.

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